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How to face a formal interview…

In this fast moving world one has to know how to face a formal interview with a lot of confidence. Even experienced employees find it very hard to face an interview with ease. People should have good command in their verbal and non-verbal communication to achieve success. Any organization would love to recruit a person who is good in communication and possess sufficient educational knowledge and work experience. Employees fear about interviews, because they are scared of not knowing the answer for unpredictable questions asked by the interviewer and tend to get too nervous when the question is too tough.

There are crucial things that you need to do in advance when you are called over for an interview, when you receive a phone call regarding your selection for an interview, you have to ask your interviewers name and also before attending the interview, you need to do a full research about the company that you are about to work for. It’s always helpful if you prepare a set of basic question and answer and practice a lot.


At the interview

As the employee walks into the office, he should not be nervous, walk confidently and firmly shake hands, while maintaining eye contact. The interviewee should not take a seat before the interviewer says to take a seat. As soon as you take your seat, don’t try to sit too casually, sit in a way that is comfortable for you and provide your portfolio and wait till the question starts. When a question is asked do not rush to answer instantly, think quickly and answer clearly and quite loudly to the interviewer. If interrupted by the interviewer, give a pause and then continue with your answer.


Most of the organization would ask you to give details about their organization, you have to be well prepared for this as you would have already done enough research about the organization at the beginning itself.


A tricky question that is very common in an interview is the reason for you to leave the previous job. Never tell bad things about your x-work or x-employer even if you didn’t enjoy working there. This would give a bad impression, which would reduce your chances of getting selected.

When asked about your strengths and weakness, say your strengths are hardworking, willing to work long hours, love to work in teams, quick learner, etc. But when asked about the weakness, do not try to be too genuine, do not tell anything that would give them a bad impression about you. Your weaknesses should sound like indirect strengths. You can say your weakness is, that you are very stubborn in completing a task on time or you strain a lot to seek new technology to keep your self-updated etc.


When asked about the salary expectation never say that it’s up to the management to decide about it, because they all know salary is the main reason for you to work somewhere, also do not give a fixed value as your salary expectation. Always say it in a range with some extra details, such as “based on my experience and educational knowledge I would be happy if the salary is between 20000 to 30000”. This would show the employer how much confidence you have on yourself.


Finally when your interview is over thank the interviewer for his time and consideration, and that you hope to meet him soon in the near future. Your job does not end here because you have to follow up with a call and see how they are progressing in a week or so. They will give them a message than you are very keen on working for them.



20th March 2013



Martian Passport Watch review

the Martian Passport has a stainless-steel case and clasp, and an antiscratch glass crystal face, with a gray plastic resin plate on the back. It’s thick, but looks stylish though. In person, it feels and looks even better than photos suggest. The attention to quality shows, and it impressed me.


Slick throwback design with an analog flair, decent battery life, easy pairing for basic speakerphone calls. Useful for screening incoming calls and texts.

it  has a one-line OLED display at the bottom, too, and a multicolor LED notification light, but those stay nearly invisible. There’s also a microphone and speaker crammed in there. What does it do? The Martian screens phone calls and messages. It has Bluetooth and a Micro-USB port. It makes calls. It connects with Siri or Android Voice.



the only disadvantage of this is that it is Way too expensive compared with its competition; not water-resistant, background noise makes Bluetooth speakerphone feature tough to use in noisy outdoor environments.

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