iphone 5 is here to dominate

This Latest smart phone from apple has been a big success, as many users have liked its slim look and crisp clear screen. The screen is made of gorilla glass which is scratch resistant, which makes the user feel that the screen is pretty robust. Compared to the other previous smartphones that were developed by apple, this has got a longer display and the weight has been reduced, which makes the user feel that the phone is as heavy as a feather.


The IOS 6.0 is effective and the users can use the Siri function to do tasks by just talking the way you talk to a human being. The advanced AI helps the user to do tasks with ease as it understands what the user really means. One can call, text, even set reminder my talking to Siri.


IPhone 5 has a special sensor just like the other smart phones, which turns off the display light, when it’s close to your ear to avoid accidental touches, however if you take the phone away from your ear, the display comes back so that you can click and navigate to other options. This is simply cool once you experience it for real.


The camera in this smart phone is simply superb, as it has some special features to take close up photos which can be taken in poor lighting conditions too. The 8 megapixel camera is more than you would bargain for, because the camera does not contain any complex features to take a photo. Users have to just run the camera app and start taking photos with ease. Unlike its predecessor’s the photo gets stored within seconds and you can get ready to take the next shot. With the camera function this smart phone also has a video recorder which takes video’s in 30 frames per second that can be compared with standalone digital camera video recordings.


One would feel the disadvantage of this smartphone could be its screens height. The width is the same size as its predecessor, but height has been increased which gives it a weird look. Battery life is very short and its quite annoying to charge the phone each and every day for approximately 2 hours, however all the other non-apple smart phones share the same problem, so the users can’t really consider this as a big let off. According to my knowledge this phone stays alive for 24 hours or so, but when on wifi, it’s got much shorter battery life.


19th March 2013


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