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Nokia Lumia 920 review



This smart phone is quite heavy and thick and has a look and impressions that makes people think of it as a tablet pc because of its size.  I find it very hard to put it in my pocket most of the times, however this phone has got a smooth look which makes us forget the thickness. As a user i always felt happy to carry the phone in my hand and utilize its full features when necessary.


The newly introduced wireless charging function is awesome, but i feel that the direct cable charging charges quickly. Even though they call it wireless charging, it does not mean that the phone can be charged  while you are on phone or withoutout touching the fatboy pouch. Fatboy pouch gives a different feel when charging the phone wirelessley, it saves time by not encouraging us to plug in the cable. All you have to do is, just place the phone on top of the pouch and wait til it gets charged. This is something that i was waiting to try for years.


Lumia 920 has a 32gb memory which is not enough for most of the users as they all download a lot app apps which requires more space. This is a drawback of this particular smart phone which has to be rectified in the near future. However when you compare the memory with other smart phones which a are available in the market, this does not seem a big problem. This device has So far the biggest screen size i have ever experienced.  The screen size is more than 4 inches. so i am able to view more contents than any other phone i used in the past. Camera feature is not at all convincing, because no matter how big or small your photo resolution is, the phone always stores it in 400 Kilo Bytes.  I really dont understand how this is possible as iphone and other devices store high resolution photos in Mega Bytes.


According to my knowledge, this is the only phone where i can touch the screen and open programs with gloves and navigate with ease. As far as i know, no other phone had this feature, and hopefully will not have it in future too. When it comes to the multimedia side, i prefer listening to music via headset rather than throught the speakers. I was able to hear boost in songs  when listening to music after activating dolby-boosted playback which had amazing equalizer settings too.



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    Smart phone ever… <3 it

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